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  • Motors are designed small and high performance
  • We recently released a special magnetic circuit design motor. This motor design is smaller and has a higher performance than conventional FED, FYD series motors.
  • Wide range (200 r/min-2500 r/min 60 W:65 r/min-2500 r/min), stepless speed control.
  • Very steady characteristics (Feed back control employed).
  • Speed pulse output can be used for speed monitoring, simplified position control...
  • Direction of rotation can be monitored by this signal.
  • At an over-load condition, the motor stops and an alarm signal is output.
Unit of Measure


N/A Palm Mini Plus J-Book Type Motors 61X61

Product Type

N/A DC Motor



Motor Frame Size

N/A 61 x 61 mm2.4 x 2.4 in

Number of Poles

N/A 14

Shaft Specification

N/A Plain Shaft Type

Rated Voltage

N/A 24 V

Rated Voltage

N/A 24 V

Rated Output

N/A 20 W

Rated Torque

N/A 98 mN·m14 oz·in

Rated Speed

N/A 2000 r/min

Speed Control Range

N/A 200 to 2500 r/min

Max. Instantaneous Torque (in 5 sec.)

N/A 150 mN·m (2000 r/min) 21 oz·in (2000 r/min)

Speed Setting Method

N/A (1) Speed setting by external speed setter (Sold separately: model code Q-R10KB) (2) Speed setting by external voltage supply 0~10V

Speed Setting

N/A 300±5 %

Speed Variation (Against Load ±1%)

N/A 0~rated torque at rated voltage and speed

Speed Variation (Against Voltage ±1%)

N/A Rated voltage ± 10 % at rated speed, no load

Input Signal

N/A H : Open collector L : GND (0~0.8V) Run, Brake, F/R IN, Alarm RST (Only 60W)

Output Signal

N/A 10 mA. Max. Alarm, Speed Out (Pulse Output), F/R Out Open Collector Output DC 30 V Max.

Speed Pulse (Pulse/Revolution)

N/A 42

Max. Average Current Rated

N/A 1.8 A

Max. Peak Current Rated

N/A 9 A

Operation Temperature

N/A 0~40ºC (no condensation) continuous duty. The motor flange surface temp. must be 80ºC Max. (Ambient temperature 40ºC without heat sink)

Motor Dielectric Strength

N/A Withstand for 1 min. under AC500V 50Hz (Between case and coil)

Motor Insulation Resistance

N/A 10 MO MIN. (20 W, 40 W) 100 MO; MIN. (60 W) (Between case and coil by DC 500 V tester)


N/A Minimum Order Quantity May Apply

Max. Instantaneous Torque at 2000 r/min (in 5 sec.)

N/A 150 mN·m21 oz·in

Speed Variation (Against Temperature ±3%)

N/A 20 ±20ºC at rated voltage and speed, no load


N/A 18.1 in46 mm


N/A 0.3150 in8.00 mm


N/A 1.1 lb0.5 kg

Protection Functions

N/A Over load protection
When an exceeding torque than rated is applied to motor for more than about 5 sec., Stop motor and outputs "L" from "ALARM" (20W, 40W) or "ALARM OUT" (60W).
To release alarm :
Palm Mini PLUS type: Disconnect power supply for more than 1min
J-Book type: Input "L" to "ALARM RST" for more than 1sec. Do not measure/judge by this operation whether the motor is overloaded or not.

Rated Power

N/A 20 W

Peak Current

N/A 9 A

Speed Torque Characteristics


Distinguishing Features

FHD Series - Palm Mini Plus J-Book Type Motors 61X61 (FHD6P20S-D3)

FHD Series - Palm Mini Plus J-Book Type Motors 61X61 (FHD6P20S-D3-SI)

FHD Series - Palm Mini R Type Motors 61X61 (FHD6S40)

Model Code

Motor/Driver Selection Guide

Wiring Diagram