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  • The high current (3 A Max.) small FSD driver
  • Uni-polar constant current driver
  • The micro-stepping feature may be selected from any one of the following settings: 1/1 (full step), 1/2 (micro-step), and 1/4 (micro step)
  • Through the use of 3-bit external signals, electric current settings may be specified to any one of 8 different settings from 0.50 - 3.00 A/phase
  • Input commands may be selected from either direction-of- rotation separate serial pulse signals or a combination of directional signals and pulse signals
Unit of Measure

Product Type

N/A Stepper Motor


N/A Driver

Winding Method

N/A Unipolar

Min. High Level Input Voltage (Vih)

N/A 3.5 V

Max. High Level Input Voltage (Vih)

N/A 5.3 V

Min. Low Level Input Voltage (Vil)

N/A 0.0 V

Max. Low Level Input Voltage (Vil)

N/A 0.8 V

Max. Rise Time (Tr)

N/A 25 µs

Max. Fall Time (Tf)

N/A 15 µs

Min. Input Pulse Range (Twl)

N/A 18 µs

Min. Direction of Rotation Change Timing (Twh)

N/A 10 µs

Ambient Temperature (In Operation)

N/A 0 ~ +50 ºC

Ambient Temperature (In Storage)

N/A -20 ~ +60 ºC

Ambient Humidity (In Operation)

N/A 35 ~ 85 %

Ambient Humidity (In Storage)

N/A 35 ~ 85 %

Applicable Motor

N/A KH4234-B901 KH4238-B901 KH4238-B902 KH4242-B901 KH4242-B902 KH4248-B901 KH4254-B901


N/A Specified by the voltage waveform between the user circuit ground and the FSD2U3P13-01 terminal

2-Phase Hybrid Stepping Motor Drivers

Accessory-Leadwire Assembly

2-Phase Hybrid Stepping Motor Drivers

Connector Specifications

Connector Specifications

Explanation of Dynamic Torque Curves

Input Circuit

Input Signal and Motor Direction Relation

Input Signal Specifications

Power Supply Specification

Required Operating Environment