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D-Cut Single Shaft

  • High torque
  • Low vibration
  • Silent operation
  • High position accuracy
The best magnetic balance is employed in our round type stepping motor. Motor performance is greatly improved using the latest technology of three dimensional magnetic field analysis and robust design.
Unit of Measure


N/A KA Series Motors with D-Cut Single Shaft Motors (0.9 / 1.8 Degree/Step) - NEMA 17 / 23

Motor Frame Size

N/A Dia: 50 mmDia: 1.97 in

Product Type

N/A Stepper Motor


N/A 2 Phase Round KA

Motor Frame Size


Shaft Specification

N/A Single Shaft

Step Angle

N/A 1.8 deg./step

Voltage per Phase

N/A 1.66 V

Current per Phase

N/A 2.0 A

Resistance per Phase

N/A 0.83 Ω

Inductance per Phase

N/A 1.3 mH

Holding Torque

N/A 33 oz·in231 mN·m

Detent Torque

N/A 1.7 oz·in12 mN·m

Rotor Inertia

N/A 50 B·cm²0.3 oz·in²

Winding Method

N/A Bipolar


N/A 230 g0.5 lb

KA50HM2-551 ST CURVE.jpg


Explanation of Dynamic Torque Curves

KA50 Series 2 Phase Hybrid Motors (1.8 Degree/Step) - Nema 17 (KA50KM2)

KA60 Series 2 Phase Hybrid Motors (1.8 Degree/Step) - Nema 23 (KA60JM2)