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D-Cut Single Shaft

  • Improved Dynamic Torque (1.2 times torque of our previous model is generated at 300 r/min, on model : KH42JM2-901)
  • Lowered Vibration & Noise Level (by increased stiffness of body construction)
  • Improved Efficiency (1.1 times of our previous model, by high grade materials.)
  • Strong torque and quieter running by a unique tooth profile.
  • Extended applicable range by standardized specification & higher speed.
Unit of Measure


N/A 42mm, 2-Phase Stepping Motors (1.8 Degree/Step) - Nema 17

Rotor Inertia

N/A 0.2 oz.in38 B·cm²

Product Type

N/A Stepper Motor


N/A 2 Phase Square KH

Motor Frame Size


Motor Size

N/A 42

Motor Length

N/A 1.34 in34 mm

Shaft Specification

N/A Single Shaft

Step Angle

N/A 1.8 deg./step

Voltage per Phase

N/A 3.41 V

Current per Phase

N/A 1.1 A

Resistance per Phase

N/A 3.1 Ω

Inductance per Phase

N/A 4.4 mH

Shaft Length

N/A 0.79 in20 mm

Holding Torque

N/A 35 oz·in250 mN·m

Detent Torque

N/A 1.7 oz·in12 mN·m

Rotor Inertia

N/A 38 B·cm²0.2 oz·in²

Winding Method

N/A Bipolar

Insulation Class

N/A Class E equivalent

Insulation Resistance

N/A 100 MO min. at 500 V DC (at normal temp. & humidity, between lead and case)

Dielectric Strength

N/A 500 VAC, 50 Hz for 1 minute (at normal temp. & humidity, between lead and case)

Ambient Temperature Range

N/A -10 ~ +50 ºC

Storage Temperature Range

N/A -20 ~ +70 ºC

Humidity Range in Operation and Storage

N/A 5 ~ 95 % RH (noncondensing)

Max. Temperature Rise (By resistance method)

N/A 70 ºK

Options Available

N/A Lead wire Assembly (Part# KH42LBS300)

Holding Torque

N/A 250 mN·m35 oz·in

Series Code

N/A KH42


N/A Minimum Order Quantity May Apply


Semi Standard Model Dimensions

Lead Wire Assembly


Driver Selection Guide

Explanation of Dynamic Torque Curves

Max. Allowable Load/Runout for Motor Shaft

Shaft Information