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Elinco's VH series BLDC motors are an ideal choice for application that requires high reliability, high efficiency, and high power to volume ratio. They are capable of providing a large amount of torque over different speed ranges. The VH series motors are internally commutated motors designed to run from direct current source.
Unit of Measure


N/A VH Inner Rotor

Motor Frame Size

N/A 24 x 45 mm

Number of Poles

N/A 8

Rated Voltage

N/A 24 V

Rated Output

N/A 3.8 W

Rated Torque

N/A 9.6 mN·m

Rated Speed

N/A 4600 rpm

Max. Peak Current Rated

N/A 1.1 A


N/A Minimum Order Quantity May Apply

Rotor Inertia

N/A 0.66 g·cm²


N/A 0.07 kg

Rated Torque

N/A 9.6 mN·m

Length (L)

N/A 45 mm

Typical Torque Constants

N/A 30.2 mNm/A

Rated Power

N/A 3.8 W

Peak Torque

N/A 21 mN·m

Line to Line Resistance

N/A 23 ohms

Line to Line Inductance

N/A 6.2 mH

Back EMF

N/A 2.08 Vrms/Krpm

Number of Phase

N/A 3

Peak Current

N/A 1.1 A