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Unit of Measure

Applicable Motor

Decimal Gear1 N/A 9H10XFN

Motor Frame Size

N/A 3.54 x 3.54 in
Gear Ratio2 N/A 50
Rated Speed3 N/A 36 rpm

Output Torque Value

N/A 74 lb·in

Connection Diagram

Gearmotor with Decimal Gear

6DG100F 1

  • 1 Please refer to the technical data sheet, for proper use . Above Torques are desingnated with a " D ".
  • 2 Rotates Opposide Direction of Motor Shaft.
  • 3 The RPM Figures are based on Synchronous Speed. The actual speed under Rated Load condition is approximately 2~15% less than Synchronous Speed.