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  • Compact size, high power (0.7 W-26 W).
  • Variety of line ups (224 mode in all).
  • For variety of gear heads (32 Dia-80 Sq and others).
  • Long-life: Intermittent operation over 1 million cycles with optimized brush design.
  • Continuous operating life of 2000 hours.
  • High output: High heat dissipation and heat resistance achieves higher output.
  • High strength: High radial load capacity due to robust construction, large diameter output shaft and ball bearings.
  • Low noise and increased insulation due to new resin brush holders.
  • Large selection of gear heads and reduction ratios are available to meet all needs.
  • Also available with magnetic revolution sensor and noise filter.
Unit of Measure

Product Type

N/A Motor with Gearbox 6DGF



Model Code


Frame Size

N/A 61 x 61 mm2.402 x 2.402 in

Gear Ratio

N/A 25

Rated Voltage

N/A 24 V

Rated Output

N/A 14.8 W

Current Rating

N/A 940 mA0.94 A

Rated Speed

N/A 144 r/min

Rated Torque

N/A 101.38 oz·in0.72 N·m


N/A Rotation of gearbox shaft is in reverse of rotation of motor
6DGF gearboxes are available with either 4.5 mm diameter mounting holes or M4 x 6 mm tapped holes.
  • Gearboxes with 4.5 mm diameter mounting holes are available from stock. When ordering, please write the motor model and gearbox model numbers separately, as in the following example: DME44B6HPB (Pinion Shaft Motor) 6DG_F (Gearbox)
  • Gearbox with M4 x 6 mm tapped mounting holes are available on request. When ordering, please write the combine motor and gearbox model as in the following example: DME44B6H_B



Gear-Head Design

Motor Selection Guide